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Today the Companies and recruitment agents have moved much of their recruitment process to database technologies to improve the speed by which candidates can be matched with their vacancies. With PakSofts Recuitment System you can now fill posts in a fraction of the time not previously possible. Track your applicants and manage the pipeline of talent that sustains your business.

This system includes the following features:

  1. Can add new job posting
  2. Can view / manage details of all posted jobs
  3. Can add specific job's applicants
  4. Can add short listed applicants for interviews
  5. Can view / manage short listed applicants for specific job
  6. Can view / manage applicants details
  7. Can add applicant's personal information
  8. Can add applicant's address details
  9. Can add applicant's contacts / references details
  10. Can add applicant's educational records
  11. Can add applicant's experience records
  12. Can add applicant's IT skills
  13. Can add applicant's known languages
  14. Can Search records with multiple options
  15. Can add / edit / delete / view / print records
  16. Can export records to Excel, Word, PDF and XPS with just one clicking.
  17. Can customize columns to view or export to Excel, Word, PDF or XPS
  18. Can cuztomize and print reports with multiple options
  19. Customizable data filtering same like Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010
  20. Multi languages option
  21. Unlimited multi users option
  22. Admin users can view records entered by users, date entered, last modified by user and date modified etc.
  23. Admin users can view complete activity logs of users i.e. login date time, computer name/ IP address, operation activities.
  24. Admin user can grant or revoke other users rights, permissions (Roles) to use this application. Application is fully customizeable based on these roles.
  25. Admin user can manage all global data settings from one place.
  26. Database backup and restore options
  27. Admin user can view database errors log generated by different users.
  28. Can view the database size growth, to manage your physical disks space.
  29. Can switch to secondary database server, if in case primary server is down, with just simple steps.
  30. Database can be accessed from LAN or WAN networks. Application support all these options with just simple steps.
  31. Spell checking option
  32. Customize application with multiple themes. Each user can have its own application theme with muliti colors.
  33. Feel the look of Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010 with ribbon and controls on top.