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About PakSofts

PakSofts founded by industry experts in 2009. We have team of professionals who are expert in their fields. We provide the software solutions for Microsoft .Net plateform. Our products are designed to meet the maximum needs of your business. We established this company with the vision to develop world class dynamic applications. Starting with a new generation of application user interface (or UI) suited for both rich client as well as server-based, multiple client environments. Our applications interfaces look and feel of today's most popular applications, including Office® 2010 and Windows® 7.

At PakSofts we develop world class applications for both windows and web, by adopting and using latest technologies. We are a developer of great looking, professional applications and components for Windows and Web. PakSofts provides a dynamic and encouraging work environment. As developers, we understand the importance of a conducive work culture for building solid software and great customer relationships. At PakSofts, individual growth is as much a priority as company growth.

Our mission is to develop great looking applications using minimum code.

At PakSofts we strictly follow the following rules to develop our great looking applications.

We do complete anyalisis before going to develop any application. We get information on that topic through questionaire, interviews and digging of documents through industry specialist related to that field.

Once the analysis is done and information is gethered we do designning of our applications. We draw ERD (Entity Relationship Diagrams) and DFD (Data Flow Diagrams) for database. We also do normalization process for our database. After database designing it comes the designing of application it self (forms and structure of application).

We use object oriented techniques and follow the the N-Tier coding structure for our great looking applications, that makes our code reuseable and easy to understand and implement.

Once Anaylsis,Designing and Coding is done its starts the Testing of application by our quality assurance department. We also realse CTP (Community Technology Preview) or the Beta Versions for our users for testing purpose that helps us to reduce the erros or bugs at minimul level.

Finally after implemening all the process mentioned above we deliver the applications to our customers. We not only deliver the great looking and user friendly applications but we also offer cheap prices for our clients.

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